Plutonium’s journey from asset to waste

3 min readOct 4, 2021

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Sept. 27, 2021

Bulletin Launches Board Fellows Program
Meet April Arnold and Haneen Khalid, the first participants of the Bulletin’s new program designed to offer rising leaders an opportunity to experience the responsibilities of a governing board. Read more.

Why President Biden needs to revisit his defense budget: opinion
The Biden administration has made choices that do not enhance US security in a cost-effective manner, including continuing a massive unnecessary defense buildup that was undertaken by President Trump, writes Lawrence J. Korb. Read more.

Plutonium’s journey from asset to waste
Separated civil plutonium created from spent nuclear power fuel should be formally regarded as waste, not something that has value, writes William Walker, a professor of international relations. Read more.

Conversations Before Midnight
Join the Nov. 9 annual event and have a virtual conversation with Asha George, a leader in addressing biological threats; Suzet McKinney, who has experience in public health preparedness; or W. Ian Lipkin, who has consulted with colleagues at the China CDC, on what we can do about getting ahead of future pandemics. REGISTER TODAY

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“Expanding the club of states that use highly-enriched uranium to fuel submarines would be a mistake for many reasons.”

Sharon Squassoni, former senior official with the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency and Bulletin SASB member, “Why AUKUS is a game changer in the Indo-Pacific,” The Japan Times

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